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Ben Drew

Using a running visor could be a better option for some runners than a traditional peak cap. If you tend to get hot very quickly, you may benefit from having an open-head style, and they also do wonders for keeping glare to a minimum.

The best running visors wick away sweat and help keep your head well-ventilated so you can have the best run possible.

Our first choice is the Mizuno Drylite Elite Visor, as it’s lightweight and comfortable.

Here are all the visors we’ve reviewed. Take a look and decide which one would be best for you.

Best Running Visors in 2023 - The Wired Runner (2)

Top 3 Best and Favorites

Best Overall

Best Running Visors in 2023 - The Wired Runner (3)

Best Overall

Mizuno Drylite Elite Visor

  • Wicks and repels moisture
  • Reflective detail
  • Mizuno DryLite technology
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Top Value

Best Running Visors in 2023 - The Wired Runner (4)

Top Value

Under Armour Launch ArmourVent

  • Pre-curved visor
  • Fast-drying fabric
  • ArmourVent™ technology
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Top Reflective Visor

Best Running Visors in 2023 - The Wired Runner (5)

Top Reflective Visor

Headsweats Reflective Supervisor

  • Coolmax polyester shell
  • Reflective trim
  • Wicks and repels moisture
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Best Overall

1. Mizuno Drylite Elite Visor

The Mizuno Drylite Elite Visor is our best running visor, as it comes with a variety of features that make it lightweight and comfortable.

This visor uses the latest Mizuno DryLite technology, which makes it breathable and quick-drying, and draws excess moisture away from the face. The Drylite Elite also has Nitelite reflective trimming that will increase your visibility in low light conditions.

Made from 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane, it prevents sweat from saturating the visor, which also helps to keep you cooler for longer. It’s a one-size-fits-all piece of kit, as it has an adjustable elastic closure at the back that adjusts to fit most head sizes.

The visor has a shorter bill than most others, which makes it sleek and saves some weight. It also has a flexible construction that allows you to fold it and put it in your back pocket without it losing its shape.

Some runners may find it sits higher than normal on their head, but it still comes in first place for its durability and moisture-wicking properties.

It’s also machine-washable and won’t lose its shape or elasticity if you toss it in with the rest of your clothes.


  • Wicks and repels moisture
  • Reflective detail
  • Brim cushioning
  • Mizuno DryLite technology


  • Some runners may find the visor to be higher than normal

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Top Runner-ups

2. 2XU Run Visor

The 2XU Run Visor is made from 100% nylon, which allows it to conform to the shape of your head. It also has UV protection, which adds an extra layer of defense against the sun while you’re running, and it will hold up to wear and tear of frequent use in the sunlight.

It has great wickability and it’s lined with a terry cloth sweatband. This will allow you to run comfortably, keeping you cool and dry without having to suffer the agony of getting sweat in your eyes.

It has an adjustable hook and loop strap that allows you to get the most comfortable fit, without having to worry about the visor moving or slipping down while you’re running. The curved bill is made from foam that is soft enough to bend – but it bounces back into its natural shape.

Some may find that the top of the visor is taller than most, even when you pull it down. That doesn’t change its benefits, but might be uncomfortable for some. This visor is available in a range of colors, and it’s recommended that you wash it by hand.


  • Top of the hat is taller than most

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3. Adidas Adizero II Visor

This visor has a non-glare undervisor to prevent the glare of the sun affecting your vision while you run. It also features the Adidas Climalite sweatband to soak up sweat, as well as help moisture evaporate, keeping you dry and cool even on long runs.

It has a rounded bill, which allows you a wide range of vision to see what’s going on around you, as well as sitting flat on your forehead for a more comfortable fit. A hook and loop back closure allows you to adjust the circumference of the visor easily.

If you’re adjusting your visor often, the hook and loop can lose its grip. It’s recommended that you hand wash and line-dry this visor to keep it in top condition.


  • Rounded bill
  • Climacool mesh
  • Climalite sweatband
  • Non-glare undervisor


  • Velcro hook and loop closure may lose its grip

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4. Salomon Visor

This visor is made from Ripstop Taffeta, making it extremely breathable and durable enough for everyday use. It has an integrated sweatband that helps to absorb moisture, and the breathability of the material allows sweat to evaporate quickly to keep you dry.

The visor has reflective branding, which is great for visibility if you’re running in low light. It has a flexible curved bill, which allows you to bend it without losing its shape or having your vision obscured.

It has an adjustable stretch buckle closure which is easy to move to the right size. Once you have adjusted the buckle to the size of your head, you won’t have to think about it again, just slip it on and run every time.

This visor is only available in two colors, black and white. Both colors and the design are suitable for male and female runners.

You can toss this in the machine with your other clothes, however, if you have the white visor it may begin to show sweat stains over time.


  • Reflective branding
  • Flexible visor
  • Adjustable stretch buckle closure
  • Integrated sweatband


  • White visor may show sweat stains

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Best Value Visor

5. Under Armour Launch ArmourVent

The UA Armour Launch ArmourVent is made from polyester and elastane, which makes it durable and allows for a bit of stretch to conform to the shape of your head.

It features the Under ArmourVent technology, which allows for better air circulation. This helps to dispel moisture, allowing the fabric to dry quicker. The result is that you stay cooler and drier on your run, which helps you focus on your run instead of needing to wipe sweat from your face with your forearm.

It’s a one size-fits-all visor with an adjustable hook and loop closure. The bill is pre-curved for maximum protection from the sun. It also has a soft unstructured front panel, which means you can pull it down for a lower fit.

The logo on the front is reflective and it also has reflective detailing on the sides of the bill, to make you visible when the daylight starts to fade. This visor is safe to put into the washing machine and hang on the line to dry.


  • Pre-curved visor
  • Fast-drying fabric
  • ArmourVent™ technology
  • Unstructured fit


  • No non-glare undervisor

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Best for Color Options

6. Headsweats Supervisor Sun Visor

You won’t have to worry about making adjustments for this visor to fit you, as it has a wide elastic band that stretches to create a snug fit on most heads. This means that you can just slip it on and run.

The pre-curved brim features a black undervisor which prevents you from being blinded by the sun, allowing you to run at any time of the day. It’s made from 100% Eventure polyester fabric with a terry cloth sweatband, which prevents sweat from dripping into your eyes while you run. It’s also a very breathable material, which dries quickly and keeps you cool.

It comes in a range of colors and can be washed in the machine, but you’d have to let it air dry in order to not compromise its integrity.


  • Black undervisor
  • Eventure terry sweatband
  • Flat front panel
  • Slip-on and go


  • Elastic stretches out, making the visor too loose to fit

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Top Reflective Visor

7. Headsweats Reflective Supervisor

This Headsweats visor features a Coolmax polyester shell, which allows the fabric to stretch for a more comfortable fit. This technology also increases the ventilation, which enables moisture to escape, letting the material dry quickly.

The Eventure terry sweatband acts like a sponge, keeping sweat away from your eyes and face. It’s a one-size-fits-all visor, as it has a wide elastic band that will stretch to fit your head comfortably.

The bill is rounded and has reflecting trimming to make you more visible when running at dusk or dawn.


  • Coolmax polyester shell
  • Pull on closure
  • Reflective trim
  • Wicks and repels moisture


  • The back band loses elasticity

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Best Lightweight Visor

Best Running Visors in 2023 - The Wired Runner (8)

8. Nike AeroBill Featherlight Visor

Nike Aerobill Featherlight Visor uses Dri-fit technology that is designed to move moisture away from the skin, making it easier to evaporate. The sides have a breathable mesh that allows for better airflow and quicker drying and cooling.

This visor comes in two colors – black and white. The white visor also features a black undervisor to prevent glare. The brim is flexible and has a slight curve to it.

To adjust the size of the visor, you would use the hook and loop closure, which keeps a firm grip once adjusted to the size of your head.


  • Dri-FIT fabric
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable bill


  • Doesn’t have a sweatband

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Top Women’s Run Visor

9. Adidas Superlite Visor

If you’re an environmentally conscious runner, you’ll love the Adidas Superlite visor, as it’s made from recycled polyester. It’s petite and designed to fit a woman’s head.

This Climalite visor has mesh that creates better airflow and allows for effective moisture wicking. It also has a Climalite integrated sweatband that keeps perspiration away from your brow and eyes.

The bill is pre-curved and features a black undervisor so that the glare won’t ruin your run. To adjust the visor you’d pull the strap to fit your head, and then secure it with the hook and loop closure.

Some runners may find the bill to be slightly smaller than they like, and that it doesn’t shield their entire face from sunlight.


  • Mesh allows for better airflow and moisture wicking
  • Made from recycled polyester
  • Non-glare visor
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop back closure


  • The shorter bill may not cover the entire face in sunlight

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Best Brooks Run Visor

10. Brooks Chaser Visor

This visor is UV protected and is UPF 30 (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), which will shield you from the harmful rays of the sun while running. It also features an interior sweatband that uses Drilayer technology to keep perspiration away from your face.

The fabric stretches and conforms to the contours of your head for a comfortable fit that allows air to circulate, keeping you cool with the wind in your hair… Literally.

The bill has a reflective trim to keep you safe and visible when you go for an evening, night, or early morning run. The visor adjusts easily for a personalized fit and is adjusted at the back of the visor.

Some runners may find that the bill size of 2-1⁄4 inches is too small to protect their whole face from sunlight.


  • DriLayer stretch-woven fabric
  • Interior wicking headband
  • Curved bill


  • Bill is 2-1⁄4 inches, and some runners may find this too small to shield their whole face from sunlight

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Best Running Visors in 2023 - The Wired Runner (9)


Do you have questions about the best running visors? We answer some of the most common questions below.

What are the benefits of a running visor?

As we have learned more about the harmful effects of the sun, visors have become an essential part of any runner’s kit, next to running shoes. But they do more than just protect you from the sun – they prevent your vision from being obscured by glare, as well as stopping perspiration from getting into your eyes.

Visors also offer protection for your eyes if you’re caught in rain or windy conditions. They also allow for the heat to escape from the open top, which helps to keep you cooler and contributes to better airflow. A visor with a curved bill will also help you to focus more on the terrain in front of you, as it can help you ignore buildings and people around you.

What should you look for in a good running visor?

When you’re looking for a visor, you want to find one that offers moisture transfer and breathability. Visors that have a mesh fabric will allow perspiration to evaporate quickly. If it has an integrated sweatband, then this will transfer the moisture away from your brow and eyes.

You also want to get a bill that is large enough to shield your whole face from the sun. Some visors have UV protection, which is an added layer of shielding. This only goes so far, though. Visors don’t actually cover that much of your skin, and the open top leaves your head exposed to the sun as much as if you weren’t wearing one. To guard your eyes from glare, get a visor that has a darkly-colored undervisor. This will prevent light from bouncing off the underside of the brim and obscuring your vision.

Most bills can be bent, allowing you to curve it for added protection against wind, debris or rain. It’s beneficial to have a visor that is flexible, as this will allow you to store it easily in your gym bag. If you prefer to run in low light, having a visor with reflective trimming will help make you more visible on the road.


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