How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (2023)

TikTok has become so popular lately that it takes a lot of creativity to stay ahead of the pack. Making videos with multiple songs is a great way to set yourself apart from the other content creators out there.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can add two or more songs to your TikTok video to make more interesting and engaging clips.

Add Two Songs to Video Using TikTok

To begin, we’ll start with the easiest option. TikTok offers thousands of sounds and songs to make your videos more entertaining and engaging. Although the app doesn’t have a native function to add more than one song at a time, you can still use the application to add multiple songs to one TikTok video.

How to Add Two Sounds

Uploading TikTok videos is easy. But uploading TikTok videos with two or more songs takes a few extra steps. You can overlap multiple songs or transition between the two. Here’s how:

(Video) How to Add Two Songs to a SingleTikTok Video!

  1. Open TikTok and tap on the plus sign at the bottom to create your first of two videos.
  2. You can record something by holding the red record button or upload a video in your phone’s camera roll by tapping the Upload option.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (1)
  3. If you chose to upload a video, tap on the video you’d like to use, then tap Next at the bottom. Here, you can trim your video and tap Next in the upper right corner.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (2)
  4. Tap on Sounds in the lower left corner.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (3)
  5. Select the sound you’d like to use. Then, tap anywhere on the screen to go back to the original screen. Now, tap Next to move forward.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (4)
  6. Make sure that Save to Device is toggled on. Then, tap Who can watch this video. Select Only Me.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (5)
  7. Post your video. As long as you chose to make it viewable to only you, no one can see it.
  8. Your video will now save to your phone’s camera roll.
  9. Now, we’ll upload the same video again (follow steps 1-3). Then, you can add another sound and proceed to upload your video with multiple sounds.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (6)

Both sounds will play at the same time by default, but you can trim and adjust the volume to perfect your newest TikTok upload.

Adjust Your Sounds

To trim your video, tap the scissor icon from the Sounds menu at the bottom. Slide the adjuster to where you’d like to start the second song.
How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (7)
Then, tap Volume to adjust the volume of the original video and the new music.
How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (8)

Now, you’re ready to upload your TikTok video with more than one original sound.

(Video) How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video

Helpful Tips

It may take a few minutes of playing around with the two videos to get them exactly right. Here’s what we learned while testing options to upload a TikTok video with more than one sound:

  • If you want to record with a transition (one song plays first, then the other plays second), record your second sound first. Using the adjuster in the trim function we mentioned above makes it easier to fix your sound for the reuploaded video.
  • Remove the original sound on the first video you upload. This will ensure that your final upload will not have any interference.
  • Save the songs to the Favorites folder on TikTok so you can easily upload them again later.
  • Your new video will have TikTok with your username somewhere on the screen. Use a sticker to cover that up if you’d like.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (9)

Add Multiple Songs to TikTok Using Your Own Sounds

In this section, we’ll show you another workaround for uploading multiple songs on one video using third-party applications.

Getting the Songs Ready

The first thing you’ll need to do is to find the songs you want to add to your TikTok video. Then, you’ll need to record them. Most mobile devices should have a screen record function that can do the job. The newer iOS devices have a screen recorder under the Control Center, and most Android phones come with a screen recording as well. If your phone doesn’t come with this function, you can install a screen recording app for your phone. Alternatively, you can use a PC to grab those videos.

Keep in mind that TikTok videos have a limit of 15 seconds, 60 seconds, or 3 minutes, so capture the song lengths appropriately.

Once you have a screen recorder ready, open a video of a song either on YouTube or another video streaming site. Save those captures on your phone or transfer them to a PC for editing.


How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (10)

Putting the Songs Together

TikTok itself has very limited video editing tools. If you wish to add two or more songs to a video, you’ll have to use a workaround. You can edit songs together using a third-party application. There are plenty of these available, either for a phone or even a PC. What’s needed is that the app you’re using can splice videos together so that you can make a continuous clip with more than one song.

Using a mobile app has the advantage of eliminating the need to transfer the video from your computer to your phone. The advantage of a PC is that it has better editing tools available. Pick and choose what you want. What matters most is that the app you’re using can cut and paste clips together.

If you’re on Android, you can try VidTrim, or Easy Video Cutter, which are highly rated on the Google Play Store. If you’re using iOS, maybe try giving InShot a try. Both Windows 10 and Mac already come with the Video Editor App and the Apple iMovie respectively. If you have a preferred video editor, feel free to use that.

How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (11)
(Video) How to Add Multiple Sounds on TikTok (Easy)

Once you’re done making a continuous clip with more than one song, you can now use it as the background for a new TikTok video. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. If you’re using a PC editor, make sure that the clip you’ve combined the songs in is saved to your mobile device.
  2. Open TikTok and tap the + icon on the lower part of the screen.
  3. Tap on Upload to the right of the Record button.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (12)
  4. Choose the clip that you combined your songs in and tap Next.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (13)
  5. Tap on Next. Here you can check if the clip you’ve edited has been loaded correctly. Once you’re sure, tap on Next again.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (14)
  6. You’re only going to be using the audio of this clip, so it might be a good idea to keep this clip private. To do that, tap on Who can view this video, then tap on Private.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (15)
  7. Tap on Post.
  8. Go back to your Profile by tapping on the Me icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (16)
  9. If you made the video private, tap on the padlock icon to see your private videos. Otherwise, it’ll be on the album. Tap on the uploaded video.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (17)
  10. When the video plays, you’ll see a spinning icon in the lower right of the screen. Tap on it.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (18)
  11. Tap on Add to Favorites, then tap on OK. The audio clip is now saved for you to use on a new TikTok video.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (19)
  12. Make a TikTok Video. Use the + button on the screen below to bring up the recording screen. Tap Record, then tap on the checkmark when you’re done.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (20)
  13. Tap on the Sounds icon on the bottom left corner of your screen.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (21)
  14. Tap on the Favorites tab.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (22)
  15. Tap on your video clip that has the multiple songs that you want to use.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (23)
  16. If you want to further edit the clip, just tap on the screen above the menu. You can adjust the volume, trim both the sound and video, add voice effects, or add filters.
  17. Once you’re done, tap on Next. Then select the posting options. Tap on Post to upload the video. Your multi-song TikTok clip is now available for all to see.
    How to Add Two Songs to a TikTok Video (24)

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created this section to answer some of the more commonly asked questions from our readers.

Will TikTok let me use any song I want?

Unfortunately, you may not be able to use the song you really want. To start, TikTok does have community guidelines that may restrict certain NSFW content. Secondly, you may run into copyright issues. If the latter happens, your video will still post; it just won’t have sound and will display a caption that states the sound was removed for copyright.

What are the best third-party apps for adding two TikTok songs?

If the methods above seem a little too tedious, you can use third-party apps to combine songs into one TikTok video. CapCut is free, and a lot of big-name TikTok creators love it. InShot is another great application that lets you combine two songs for a TikTok video.

Create your sounds in the third-party app, save it to your phone, then you can upload it on TikTok.

(Video) How To Get MULTIPLE SOUNDS On TikTok ✅ How To Add 2 Sounds Or More To One Tik Tok Video!

A Great Way to Express Creativity

Making TikTok videos is a great way to express your creativity to the world. Making videos with more than one song will make them interesting to the viewer and give you more creative options. Even the smallest differences may be enough to set you apart from everyone else.

Do you have any other tips and tricks on how to add two or more songs to a TikTok video? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Can you put 2 sounds in one TikTok? ›

The current TikTok version doesn't allow you to directly mix up two or more sounds using the app itself. Yet, with a simple workaround, you can add two songs or more as one file, as use it in real-time when you capture your next TikTok video.

How do you put multiple songs on one TikTok? ›

To do this, select the Merge Audio feature and choose the audio tracks you've previously trimmed. Once you get a single clip with different songs, you can use it to create exciting content on TikTok. You can further edit your audio clip in the TikTok app.

How do you put two sounds together? ›

How to merge audio files online
  1. Select an audio file. To put your songs together, you can add two or more files from your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. ...
  2. Combine MP3 and other audio. If you want, you can add more tracks to merge. ...
  3. Save the result. And it's done!

How do you put two songs on one reel? ›

To mix music with original audio in a Reel, tap the music note on the side of the screen after recording. Users can then either choose from the list of songs that pop up or search for one.

How do you add sounds to different parts of a TikTok? ›

Step 1: Tap on the “+” at the bottom of the screen and press “Add sound” to select the song you want to use. Step 2: Once you've picked your sound, tap the scissors icon to adjust it to your desired length. Step 3: Drag the waveform to select a part of the song for your TikTok.

How do I add multiple media to TikTok? ›

1.2 How to Add Multiple Videos to TikTok

Tap the "Upload" next to the red Record button to browse your camera roll. Now, you can add multiple video clips by tapping the empty circle at the top-right corner of each video. When you've done, tap on the "Next" button to move on.

How do you get 30 second songs on TikTok? ›

How to Make Music Longer (Than 15 Second) on TikTok in CapCut
  1. Go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store to search CapCut. ...
  2. Open the CapCut app and choose Add Project. ...
  3. Select one or multiple videos that you want to add with a song longer than 15 seconds.
Feb 20, 2023

How do you make music start later on TikTok? ›

The music track's timeline is displayed and dragging it to the right will change the point in the song that starts to play when your video plays. Dragging the timeline to the left will start the music track at its start.

Can a video have multiple audio tracks? ›

A video can have multiple audio tracks. We've discussed how you can extract an audio track from a video if it has multiple audio tracks. The process is simple and the app for the job is free.

How to combine 2 songs? ›

MP3 Joiner
  1. Upload your MP3 (.mp3) files. Select the MP3 files that you want to merge.
  2. Put your MP3 files in order. Simply drag and drop your files in the order you want them to appear in the final audio.
  3. Download your new MP3 file. It will take a few minutes until the file is ready and automatically downloaded.

Can you hear two sounds at once? ›

Humans exhibit a remarkable ability to separate sounds produced by multiple sources that overlap in frequency and in time. Even using only one ear, we can understand one person's speech even though others are talking at the same time, or hear different instruments in an orchestra.

How do I add music to a specific part of a reel? ›

Open up the Instagram app and tap on the “+” icon in the top right-hand corner. Click the “Reels” option. On the left-hand side of the screen, select the audio icon to choose a song to use for your content. Creators can alternatively record a Reel first, then add audio later using the music tab.

How do you add 2 player reels? ›

As the original author of the post:

Before you post your content, it's time to add your co-collaborator to the post. Tap tag people option and choose the 'Invite collaborator” option to get started. Search for the username you need and select it to add them as a collaborator. Click Done.

Why can't i trim sounds on TikTok? ›

FAQs about Trimming Sound on TikTok

Once the video is posted, you cannot trim your video anymore. To trim the sound, your only option is to create a new video with the Use this sound feature.

Can you combine two TikTok drafts? ›

While, you can't combine drafts within TikTok, there is another way to make it happen. All you need is your mobile device and a little bit of time to spare. In this article, I'll show you to combine TikTok drafts, then spruce up your video in Kapwing. Let's get started!

Can you have two TikTok pages? ›

TikTok technically allows users to have 3 accounts on one device. The only way to have more than this is to use a separate device - for example, your cell phone and your tablet.

How do you extend a 15 second song on TikTok? ›

How to Make Songs Longer on TikTok
  1. Change the duration to 60 seconds and record yourself or your performance.
  2. Add music by selecting 'Sounds,' and it will direct you to the music library of TikTok.
  3. Drag the soundwaves to select which part of the music you'll choose to accompany your recorded video.

How do you make a 3 minute TikTok with music? ›

Go to the TikTok application and run it. Proceed to the camera display where you can choose between '15s,' '60s,' or '3m' from a swipe across menu directly above the huge red record button when you're on the camera interface.

Can you start music halfway through a reel? ›

Instagram app for Android:

Tap Music and select a song. Use the slider bar at the bottom to choose what part of the song you want to play in your reel. Tap Done in the top right.

How do you time TikTok videos with music? ›

How to sync videos to a sound on TikTok
  1. Launch TikTok.
  2. Locate a video using the sound you want in the background of your video.
  3. Click the sound at the bottom of the screen, and then 'Use this sound. ...
  4. Tap the upload button and select the videos you want to appear in the montage.
Oct 22, 2022

How do I set up multiple audio tracks? ›

Selecting Multiple Audio Tracks in OBS
  1. Navigate to “File” -->” Settings” in OBS.
  2. Click on “Output”.
  3. In “Output Mode” select “Advanced”.
  4. Click on the “Recording” tab.
  5. In “Audio Track” select how many tracks you want to record. ...
  6. You can also choose a different encoder from the stream “Encoder”.
  7. Click on “Ok”.

How do you overlap two audio clips? ›

How to Join Audio:
  1. Upload your audio files. Upload your audio to VEED; you can drag and drop them into the Timeline.
  2. Merge. To join audio files or audio clips, upload two or more files. You can split and rearrange your clips on the Timeline.
  3. Save! Click Export and save your new audio file on your device!

How do you overlay songs? ›

How to Overlay Audio on Video Online
  1. Upload a video first. Open Clideo's Add Music to Video tool. ...
  2. Overlay audio over your video. Once the video is uploaded, you will see its preview, with the “Mute” and “Play” buttons below, as well as the duration. ...
  3. Save your result. The transformation will take some time.

How do I add music to a video without losing quality? ›

How to Put Music On an MP4 Video:
  1. Upload an MP4 video. Click on 'Choose MP4 File' and select your MP4 videos from your folder. ...
  2. Start adding audio files. Add your audio files into the editor by clicking on Upload from the left menu. ...
  3. Export your video. Click on 'Export'.

How to edit music video? ›

Edit a music video
  1. Explore the assets from the music video shoot. ...
  2. Create a multicamera sequence with audio synchronization. ...
  3. Cut between clips in a multicamera sequence. ...
  4. Edit to the beat using markers. ...
  5. Fine-tune the look of your video. ...
  6. Modify the speed of clips for dramatic effect.
Aug 25, 2022

Can you play two songs at once? ›

If you have ever wanted to play two audio tracks simultaneously on your Android smartphone and wondered how you could do it, you can try out XDA Member KHSH01's Deux - Dual Audio Player app. The app allows you to play two music tracks in sync, such as a vocal track over an instrumental.

What is it called when 2 songs are mixed together? ›

A mashup (also mesh, mash up, mash-up, blend, bastard pop or bootleg) is a creative work, usually a song, created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, typically by superimposing the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another and changing the tempo and key where necessary.

How do you mix two songs together on Iphone? ›

Merge tracks
  1. Tap a track header to select it, tap the track header again, then tap Merge.
  2. In the track header area, tap the circles for the additional tracks you want to merge.
  3. Tap Merge in the upper-right corner.

How do we hear multiple sounds at the same time? ›

Thus the ear essentially does a Fourier decomposition of the incoming sound (breaks down the sound to its component frequencies and amplitudes), and 30,000 axons from each cochlea can signal the presence of many frequencies simultaneously to the rest of the brain.

How can we hear so many different sounds at once? ›

Collisions & vibrations between the particles that make up matter can transfer energy through that matter. Sound is a pressure wave in air or any other material medium. Sound can make matter vibrate; different structures in our ear respond differently to different sounds.

How do you make sound twice loud? ›

To make a sound twice as loud, you need to multiply its intensity by about 10. So an intensity of 1,000 is twice as loud as an intensity of 100. An intensity of 1,000 is also half as loud as an intensity of 10,000.

How do you put all songs on TikTok? ›

Once you open TikTok, tap the Plus icon to start recording. Tap “next” once you are done. Then, click the Sounds icon to add music or sound effects. Use the search feature to find songs by artist, title, genre, or other features.

Can you use parts of songs on TikTok? ›

Yes, it's completely fine and legal to use songs in your TikToks, as long as they're taken from the app and not from somewhere else. As we mentioned, this is because TikTok has a Copyright Licence Agreement or IP Licensing Agreement with labels and artists to use their music on the platform.

Can you use all songs on TikTok? ›

TikTok users with personal accounts can use any sound they like — including the world's most popular pop songs — but TikTok does not allow businesses to use mainstream music in their videos.


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