Keep The Sun Out Of Your Eyes For Miles With These Cooling Running Visors (2023)

No matter if you’re a beginner runner or a practiced pro, having the right gear for the job, like a protective visor, can inspire you to get outside. The best running visors are made of moisture-wicking materials, can be adjusted for a secure fit, and have a brim size that keeps you comfortable in the sun.


When it comes to fabric, polyester is popular because of its affordability and ability to wick sweat away efficiently. Not as common but equally effective, bamboo fiber is a soft and sustainably made material that has natural temperature regulating capabilities, though it will cost more. Though a soft and breathable material, cotton or cotton blend visors tend to absorb moisture, potentially making material heavy and damp. No matter which material you choose, all of the picks below can be machine or hand-washed.


Often visors come in one size, so when considering a comfortable fit, check to see what kind of closure and adjustability is offered. Many visors use Velcro (often called hook and loop), which is the most adjustable because you can loosen or tighten the circumference of the band, although some wearers complain about hair entanglements. There are also options with stretchy elastic bands to avoid any snags, which are less adjustable but easy to slip on and go. A clamp closure isn’t the most adjustable, but it won’t snag your hair and it can easily accommodate a ponytail.

Brim Size

You’ll find visor brims that range from the slightest coverage to full-face protection. A larger or wider brim size will shield more sun from your face, but is more susceptible to being affected by wind. A smaller or narrower brim will only provide coverage for the eyes and perhaps cheekbones, but will cut through breezy gusts more. It’s good to note that though the manufacturer does not always state the dimensions of the brim, reviewers can give you a good idea of what to expect.

With all that in mind, here are the top picks for running visors, all conveniently found on Amazon.

1. The Fan Favorite

This fan-favorite visor comes in 22 different colors and is great for those who struggle with finding a well-fitting hat because the hook-and-loop closure offers an adjustable fit. Many reviewers noted that it was ideal for smaller heads. With a 4.8-star rating and over 4,600 reviews on Amazon, this popular visor is made from a moisture-wicking and stretchy blend of polyester and a high dose of spandex, though it is hand wash only. Though no mention of exact dimensions, the brim size is reported to be on the smaller size.

Helpful Review: “I love this visor so much for running that I bought another one. So comfortable, soaks up my sweat, lightweight and rinses off easily. Highly recommend for working out in. I also have a small head and this fits perfectly with room to adjust in either direction.”

2. The Budget Alternative

Made of 100% moisture-wicking polyester, this simple and affordable athletic mesh visor absorbs sweat and can be tossed in the washing machine, so it’s always ready for your next run. With a hook and loop back closure, a 2.62-inch brim (similar to a baseball cap bill), and a sweatband that you can fold down for additional coverage, this visor comes in 13 different colors to accommodate any style.

Helpful Review: “I love this visor. It's mesh so it's more breathable and your forehead doesn’t sweat as much. It was very helpful in the Florida heat and sun.”

3. The One Made From Cooling Bamboo

This visor’s combination of bamboo viscose and polyester/spandex gives it superior moisture-wicking and cooling abilities. Choose among five different colors and, though no exact dimensions are given for the brim size, reviewers report it to be a bit wider and longer than others. With a hook and loop closure, this visor uses a flexible and unstructured design for a comfortable fit and can be quickly washed by hand.

Helpful Review: “It's a little pricey but it does exactly what I want it to. It keeps sweat from dripping in my eyes, shields my face from the sun and it dries in perfect shape for the next time I go running, which is daily. It also is very comfortable to wear with its adjustable strap. I would absolutely buy it again.”

4. The One With A Reflective Trim

This addition of reflective trim on this visor creates a gleam that lets drivers more easily spot you and can protect you on those early morning or evening runs. Constructed of moisture-wicking and stretchy polyester and spandex, this visor has a small to average-sized brim and an elastic closure which will be sure to not snag hair, but runs the risk of stretching out over time. A machine-washable pick, this visor comes in five colors such as bright coral and orange.

Helpful Review: “Love love love this visor. No velcro to get caught on my hair. Lightweight and the reflective edges are very effective.[...]”

6. The One With An Easy Clamp Closure

For those who prefer the classic open closure of a headband, this visor is easy to throw on and hit the road. Though some may find the rigidity of this fit too tight, there is the added bonus of knowing your hair won’t get caught in any Velcro. Composed of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, this visor is sustainably made of recycled materials and is hand wash only. A 2.5-inch brim shields eyes and cheekbones from the sun and you can choose between 30 different colors and designs such as wonder mauve and energy aqua.

Helpful Review: “LOVE this. [...] I wear it to run in, to go to the beach, to kayak, etc. I would say I have a pretty small head, and it can get tight after a little while, but I prefer the open back and I like this.”

7. The One With The Most Sun Protection

If you’re looking for ultimate coverage from the sunshine at a budget-friendly price, this visor’s extra long brim (measuring 4.33 inches) offers full face protection, not just eyes and cheekbones, plus it boasts UPF 50+ protection. Made of a cotton and poly-cotton blend with a thickened sweatband, it uses an adjustable hook and loop back closure. Note that this visor is hand wash only and that it comes in 11 different colors varying from more muted (celadon) to bright and cheerful (orange yellow).

Helpful Review: “It's brilliant! I use it for running and it hasn't disappointed. It's super comfy, easy to put on and the bill is super long, thus completely keeping the sun out of your face. The toweling lining is a great touch and soaks up any sweat, so you’re not blinded by melting sunscreen in your eyes. I've washed it numerous times now and it seems to be holding up just fine.”

8. The Portable One With A Foldable Brim

If you’re the type of person that actually goes for a run on your vacation (good for you!), this visor with a 3.25-inch clamshell folding brim makes it super easy to pack up. It has the added bonus of UPF 50+ sun protection and some models even have a clever sleeve for your sunglasses to slip into and stay in place. Made of 100% polyester and an ultra-lightweight microfiber, this visor comes with a hook and loop adjustable back closure, is hand wash or delicate cycle only, and comes in four colors.

Helpful Review: “Great visor - perfect for a little extra protection on the sides of the face without being too too wide. I searched and searched for one that was not too big and not too narrow. Another plus is that the bill is constructed with an unobtrusive seam running down the middle so you can fold the visor in half for packing or stuffing into a pocket or bag - nice!”

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