The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (2023)

When the summer heat hits, that trip to the beach is a great way to cool off — until you return to a car you could roast a chicken in.

A confined space like a car can be dangerous for people, pets and electronics since temperatures climb so rapidly that they overwhelm our ability to regulate our internal temperature. Cracking a window does little to combat these effects. Sun shades are great car accessories to protect you and your loved ones from the sun’s rays, and some even have built-in heat alerts that let you know when your vehicle is too hot.

Stop high temperatures from taking their toll with the best car sun shades that keep your vehicle cool while shielding skin and eyes from those bright and glaring rays. There are all kinds of sun shades for your car, including roll-up, adhesive, umbrella and static attachments. You can get a shade for your car windows or a larger one for the windshield and rear window.

To keep your car a shady sanctuary, consider investing in both window and windshield shades — especially if you live in an unusually hot climate and require more UV protection. Some of them (mostly window choices) are made of mesh, while windshield shades are generally made from a reflective material.

Keep you and your loved ones safe by blocking out those harmful effects with the best sun shades of 2022.

1. Enovoe Car Window Shade


These car window shades are available in packs of two to four and easily attach via a static clingback for a fumble-free experience that doesn’t require adhesive or suction cups. The mesh design provides top-notch protection from UV rays and sun. They’re also effective at keeping your car cooler. This pack by Enovoe comes with a free pouch to store your sun shades in when they’re not in use.

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          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (3)

          Enovoe Car Window Shade$10.99Buy Now On Amazon

          2. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

          RUNNER UP

          This EcoNour windshield sun shade comes in a versatile range of sizes, and its foldable nature makes it easy to put away. The sun-blocking screen protector ensures that you never have to sit on burning hot seats again, and steel ring connectors offer better durability and longevity. Unlike many sunshades that use 190T or below, this high-density polyester is 240T, which is better at blocking UV rays.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (4)

          EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade$17.99$35.9950% OffBuy Now On Amazon

          3. Helloleiboo Car Windshield Sun Shade


          This sun shade uses an innovative foldable umbrella shield to keep your car cool and shady. For cars, SUVs and trucks, this is a must-have accessory that doesn’t take up extra space. Rather than the standard aluminum foil shade, this is made from composite peptide, which doesn’t get damaged under high temperatures.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (5)

          Helloleiboo Car Windshield Sun Shade$19.99Buy Now On Amazon

          4. GWUSKDT Car Windshield Sunshade


          This stiff, heavy-duty sun shade by GWUSKDT is significantly thicker than other car sun shades on the market, thanks to its five-layer construction. It reduces your interior car temperature by up to 50 degrees and can be placed on the front or rear window, using suction cups to provide extra support. For those who find that other car shades are excessively wide for their vehicle, this shade is a solid investment when compared to thinner and cheaper models on the market.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (6)

          GWUSKDT Car Windshield Sunshade$24.99Buy Now On Amazon

          5. Kinder Fluff Car Window Sunshades

          BEST VALUE

          Kinder Fluff offers the best of the best when it comes to blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays. The overlapping style ensures that you get the right fit, while the thick, static-protective film makes for a simple application. It’s constructed with 120 GSM mesh rather than the standard 80 GSM, and this higher density provides improved protection. This set includes two transparent shades and two semi-transparent shades that are easy to see through and “stick to your window like Saran wrap,” according to a happy customer.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (7)

          Kinder Fluff Car Window Sunshades$11.85$25.9954% OffBuy Now On Amazon

          6. Munchkin Brica Magnetic Stretch to Fit Sun Shade


          This Munchkin Brica sunshade stretches to fit smaller and larger windows. It comes with five magnets that attach to your car’s frame, so if your car is built with non-magnetic materials, this may not be the right shade for you. The window can roll up and down while the installed shade stays in place, and uses hoops-to-hooks for a more accurate fit on a variety of window shapes. Unlike suction cups that can sometimes lose grip in humid heat, these magnets provide foolproof attachment.

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          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (8)

          7. Munchkin Brica Sun Safety Car Window Rollershade with Heat Alert


          These shade windows put a focus on sun safety, which is helpful for anyone with kids and infants or who are easily overheated. Their White Hot heat alert system indicates when your car gets too hot. Users also have the choice between adjustable clips or suction clips, while a retract button is activated by a single push for easy rollup. The mesh fabric provides insulation along with improved visibility.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (9)

          8. SAILEAD Polarized Sun Visor Sunshade Extender for Car


          Unlike the other models on this list, this car sun shade is specifically for drivers to use while driving, as it reduces glare, sun blindness and UV rays. This visor extender uses NASA polarizing technology to filter out reflected light and the glare that sunny days can cause.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (10)

          SAILEAD Polarized Sun Visor Sunshade Extender for Car$16.39$33.9952% OffBuy Now On Amazon

          9. Auto Drive Windshield Accordion Sun Shade

          BEST DESIGN

          If you want something that makes more of a statement than your everyday sun shield, consider one that doubles as a piece of art, like Auto Drive’s geometric print. Protect your car while adding a sense of design with this shade that protects your car from the rays without being an eyesore. An accordion-style solution for the front window that will easily match most passenger seat sun shades.
          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (11)

          Auto Drive Windshield Accordion Sun Shade$11.28Buy Now

          10. Muross Car Window Retractable Shade


          If you prefer a retractable style over stickers or pull-over sun shades, consider the Muross car shade, which rolls up and down to control sun glare and heat when you need it most. Velcro and sturdy rubber suction cups ensure that the blinds firmly attach, and the attached rope works similarly to blinds, letting you adjust to your desire. Ideal for full-sized cars, SUVs, trucks and even vans, these retractable shades can be stowed effortlessly.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (12)

          Muross Car Window Retractable Shade$27.09Buy Now

          11. Auto Drive Tie-Dyeing Twist Car Windshield Sun Shade


          With a simple twisting mechanism, this foldable windshield sun shade from Auto Drive is a budget-friendly way to protect your car’s interior from heat and damaging UV rays while actually staying in place. It’s universal and fits all kinds of vehicles, including smaller cars and larger trucks. The hippie-inspired tie-dye print makes for a family-friendly alternative to aluminum foil panels, setting the mood for any road trip or beach adventure.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (13)

          Auto Drive Tie-Dyeing Twist Car Windshield Sun Shade$11.28Buy Now

          12. Genuine Dickies Truck Sun Shade


          Finding that most of the best car sun shades are too small for your truck? This universal accordion-style shade by reliable brand Dickie’s is built specifically for trucks and features a honeycomb mirror finish. A faux leather strap and buckle closure ensure a proper fit, while the accordion style makes it easy to fold up whenever it’s not in use. According to the packaging, this sun shade can make your car up to 44 degrees cooler.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (14)

          Genuine Dickies Truck Sun Shade$15.74Buy Now

          13. IC ICLOVER Car Sun Shade


          If you have your windshield and passenger seats covered but still need protection for that back window, consider this oval-shaped mesh window with suction cups that pops up and folds when you’re not using it. The fine material blocks out bright light and UV rays but doesn’t block the view or endanger your safety. The manufacturer suggests placing the suction cup in boiling water a minute before using it, for maximum strength.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (15)

          IC ICLOVER Car Sun Shade$11.99$16.9929% OffBuy Now On Amazon

          14. B&Z Solutions Side Window Static Sun Shades

          BEST STICKER

          For anyone who finds suction cups or fold-up sun shades to be a hassle, consider a sticker-style shade, which uses static to cling to your windows. This set for passenger windows comes with four shades and turns your windows from regular to tinted in a matter of seconds. Just stick on and you’re good to go — this special design lets windows be rolled up and down even with the shade still attached.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (16)

          15. Oarencol Custom Car Windshield Sun Shade


          If you want your sun shade to feel like it truly belongs to you, consider a customized windshield sun shade that lets you turn any photo into a personalized creation for your vehicle. Whether it’s a photo of your family, friends or beloved pet, you’ll have no trouble recognizing your car in a parking lot with this useful accessory. One buyer comments, “The print is high quality, centered and looks really good.”

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (17)

          Oarencol Custom Car Windshield Sun Shade$21.99Buy Now On Amazon

          16. Qualizzi XL/Car Windows Sun Shades


          Sock-style car shades can be pulled over the entire window and don’t require any complicated folding, clipping or suction cups. Ideal for camping or any other adventures that might come your way, this two-pack mesh shade is made from stretchy nylon that’s easy to pull on and works with rectangular windows. They go on like a stocking, but if you have tapered windows, you may need some small magnets. This set is available in 12 sizes.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (18)

          Qualizzi XL/Car Windows Sun Shades$20.97$21.975% OffBuy Now On Amazon

          17. Snap Shades

          BEST SPLURGE

          Buy a shade that’s perfect for your vehicle with Snap Shades’ huge variety. While they might cost a bit more than flimsier alternatives, these will make your car look a lot sharper, and they’ll last a lifetime without needing to be replaced. Without clips, they can go up in under 20 seconds.

          The Best Car Sun Shades Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Shady (19)

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